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Maintenance aspects of die casting molds

Article Source:Future - Vista  Number of Visitors:4  Time:2019-03-22

The die-casting mold is a mold making method combining the two aspects of die-casting and mold. The manufacturing process is that the molten metal flows into the cavity of the mold at a low speed or high speed, and the mold has a movable cavity surface, which is followed by The cooling process of the molten metal is press-forged, which not only eliminates the shrinkage and shrinkage defects of the blank, but also makes the internal structure of the blank reach the forged broken crystal grains. The comprehensive mechanical properties of the blank of the mold have been significantly improved. The long time of the die-casting mold will inevitably cause a certain degree of damage to the die-casting mold. If the die-casting mold is not maintained, the die-casting mold can be accumulated after a long period of time. If the declaration is scrapped, how should the die-casting mold be maintained?

The maintenance of the die-casting mold is divided into daily maintenance and periodic maintenance.

Daily maintenance mainly cleans the aluminum slag and dirt on the outer surface of the mold.

Periodic maintenance After the die-casting mold is removed, the die-caster must hoist it to the designated position. The following maintenance and maintenance are carried out by the die-casting mold repairer as follows:

1. Clean the aluminum (copper or zinc) chips and dirt on the die-casting mold (including the slider, cavity, core, exhaust system, etc.) to ensure the cleaning and exhausting of the die-casting mold. After cleaning the aluminum part, polish it.

2. Wipe the dirt on the die-casting mold and the water pipe.

3. Cores and rams with bends, cracks and breaks are repaired or replaced.

4. After each set of die-casting die is pressed about 10,000 times, the scale is used to remove the scale of the cooling water channel of the die-casting mold to ensure smooth water flow.

5. Each set of die-casting die passes through zinc alloy: about 30,000 die times; aluminum alloy: about 20,000 die times; the profile is re-polished, polished, and re-nitrided if necessary.

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