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R & D Capabilities

1. The company's existing R&D team of 15 people can effectively cooperate with customers in new process development and structural analysis, and implement the entire process engineer from design/molding/production/optimization to improve quality and optimize cost, thereby enhancing competitiveness.

2. Introduce the APQP development plan in the early stage of development to improve product stability and conduct PFMEA analysis to reduce potential risks and improve quality stability;

3. Conducive to finite element analysis to optimize the product structure, assist customer development, reduce development risks;

4. Actively invest in new process development, optimize product cost, process automation equipment investment in research and development, improve quality stability, increase efforts to carry out relevant invention patents and practical patents, and enhance the company's brand image and competitiveness.

Conducive to UG/PROE/Solidworks/Flow3d for finite element analysis, mold flow analysis, mold design, finishing programming


Automated process development and introduction to improve production efficiency and quality stability


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