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Die casting

1) There are 60 sets of 160T, 280T and 1600T die casting machines;

2) Annual production of more than 30,000 tons of aluminum materials;

3) Up to more than 1,000 series of products, mainly based on new energy, security, auto parts, communication, and medical care;

4) In the die casting island, roughing, fine punching and simple post-processing one-line flow production are realized.


Precision Machining 

1) Total 12 Sets CNC Machine, 28 sest Numerical Control Machine.

2) 70 high-end precision machining equipment;

3) The annual production capacity exceeds 3.6 million pieces;

4) Machining accuracy is 0.004mm;

5) The robot loading and unloading project has been realized, and up to one robot can be realized for 16 CNC loading and unloading;


Surface treatment

1) Total 7 sest Polishing Machine , 1 set Automatically polishing Machine and 6 sest Manual Polishing Machine with Monthly capacity 6000K.     

2)1 set Automatically Painting Line with Monthly Capacity 1000K.


Precision mold design and manufacturing

1) 40 sets of high-end, high-precision equipment with an accuracy of 0.003mm;

2) The annual production capacity of mold is more than 300 sets, and the largest die-casting machine mold can be manufactured (the mold weight is about 20T);

3) More than 30 experienced mold design and technical teams;

4) Configure professional mold flow analysis software, CAE analysis software, and a senior team with more than 20 years of experience;

5) Automated design, automated production of each process, and online automatic detection;

6) R & D and application of professional mold heat treatment and surface coating treatment technology, mold life far exceeds peers.


Automated replacement of traditional processing


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