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Precautions for cleaning of die-casting molds

Article Source:Future - Vista  Number of Visitors:4  Time:2019-03-22

After the die-casting mold is opened, how to clean the die-casting mold from the product manufacturing and production is a problem that the die-casting manufacturer has been paying attention to. Now we will introduce what should be paid attention to when cleaning the die-casting mold.

There are four major things to note when cleaning a die-casting mold:

1. First clean the mold with kerosene to ensure impurities such as aluminum-free slag at all corners and other dirt-prone deposits.

2. Dry the mold with compressed air (confirm that the gas pipe has no moisture), especially ensure the stroke switch on the oil tank, the plug part is dry and oil-free.

3. Confirm the parts of the mold (thimble, thimble), and the parts that are in question must be applied to the mold for repair and repair in time.

4. No problem mold parts are hoisted to the maintenance area and the guide column, cavity, parting surface and sliding parts of each part are sprayed with anti-rust oil.

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