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Five standards for aluminum die casting mold testing

Article Source:Future - Vista  Number of Visitors:4  Time:2019-03-22

1. The chemical composition inspection test method in aluminum die-casting mold, the inspection standard and re-inspection must meet the standard of GB/T15115. The chemical composition of the sample product can be used from die casting to meet the requirements of GB/T15115; the mechanical properties in mechanical properties, the method of detection, the number of inspections and the specifications of the test must meet the requirements of GB/T15115.

2. The sample product used in the aluminum die-casting mold, the size of the cut part, and the test test pattern are determined after discussion.

3. The geometrical pattern of the die-casting test can be tested by a large range of samples or by the GB2828 and GB2829 standards. The test results must meet the specifications.

4. The factory inspection of the appearance quality of aluminum die-casting parts must be inspected one by one, and the results of the inspection must meet the requirements of this standard.

5. The roughness of the aluminum die-casting mold should be carried out according to the standard of GB/T6060.1.

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