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Method for increasing the life of die casting mold

Article Source:Future - Vista  Number of Visitors:4  Time:2019-03-22

The die-casting mold is a machine used for forging liquid die forging. Its appearance makes it easier to manufacture mold products or mold parts. Although the die-casting mold is very easy to use, the machine is always the machine. Its life is always a comparison. Short-term, improper collisions and operations will cause the first life of the die-casting mold to be greatly reduced. Of course, the main reason for reducing the life of the die-casting mold is because the long-term operation causes mechanical fatigue of the die-casting mold. When the die-casting mold should be rested for a while, after testing, it is found that the failure of the die-casting module is mostly related to the thermal fatigue of the die-casting mold, so can the life of the die-casting mold be increased?

First, the material

It is well known that the conditions of use of die casting molds are extremely poor. Taking an aluminum die-casting mold as an example, the melting point of aluminum is 580-740 ° C, and when used, the temperature of the aluminum liquid is controlled at 650-720 ° C. Die casting without preheating the mold, the surface temperature of the cavity rises from room temperature to liquid temperature, and the surface of the cavity is subjected to great tensile stress. When the top part is opened, the surface of the cavity is subjected to extremely large compressive stress. After thousands of times of die-casting, the surface of the mold will be cracked and other defects. If the material is used poorly, the life of the die-casting mold will naturally become lower. If you want to have a good enough life, you should take the material. .

Second, product maintenance

Thicker stencils cannot be layered to ensure their thickness during processing. Because the thickness of the steel plate is 1 times and the amount of bending deformation is reduced by 85%, the laminate can only act as a superposition. The bending deformation of the two plates of the same thickness as the veneer is four times that of the veneer. In addition, when processing the cooling water channel, special attention should be paid to ensuring the concentricity in the two-sided processing. If the corners of the head are not concentric with each other, the corners of the joint will crack during use. The surface of the cooling system should be smooth, preferably without leaving traces of processing. Within the scope of the process, the firing temperature of the aluminum liquid, the injection speed, and the preheating temperature of the mold are reduced as much as possible, so that the life of the die-casting mold can be improved.

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